The end!

<![CDATA[ The end!Wigston, United Kingdom Wigston, United Kingdom Back in Leicester thanks to papa Allen taxi service!!! Thanks dad xxxxx ]]>

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<![CDATA[ NYCJackson Heights, NY Jackson Heights, NY So we get into New York 30 mins early but get to sit on the plane until our arrival time as customs isn’t open for us! Amazing!!! The queue for passport control was unreal…. After an hr we were 2 rows of the 8 rows of queue. Were […]

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Rio airport 3rd time around!!

<![CDATA[ Rio airport 3rd time around!!Duque de Caxias, Brazil Duque de Caxias, Brazil So Gus and his motherly mother arrived as promised at the flat at 3.20 and proceeded in broken English to ask if we had had a good time. After agreeing with them last week to leave around 5pm, we left at 3.30pm, […]

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Time to pack up!

<![CDATA[ Time to pack up!Rio, Brazil Rio, Brazil Unfortunately our plans did not turn out as we had anticipated, with there being no cash in any cash point in Botafogo and Gus coming at 3.30 rather than 4.30 to the apartment! We caught the tube to impanema as we knew there was a working bank […]

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A memorable day!

<![CDATA[ A memorable day!Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Today was the day we were to venture to all of the touristy things of Rio. The stuff that you HAVE to do, but know full well thousands if other people HAVE to do it on the same day!! Deserted places were never going […]

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Recovery day

<![CDATA[ Recovery dayRio, Brazil Rio, Brazil After a doze and a read and a doze and a breakfast we decided to head for ipenema beach and have a chill out there as every after last night was not most forthcoming! I say chill out, potentially bake out with some of the stickiest sand I have […]

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All samba'd out!!!

<![CDATA[ All samba'd out!!!Rio, Brazil Rio, Brazil Oh my god! Amazing night! It’s 6am and daylight and we have just walked through the door. James is already out for the count but I am passed tiredness now! We left about 7pm to head the the sambodrome …. Where the party is at. It’s in the […]

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Pre carnival night

<![CDATA[ Pre carnival nightRio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil As tonight has the potential to be an all nighter, today was about eating, relaxing and sleeping in an attempt to store up some energy! It had rained overnight so the temperature was a nice 25degrees when we left the flat. There was a […]

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